Member of Destroyer Squadron 23

The "Little Beaver Squadron"




Service in WW II 1943-1945

"Little Beavers"
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Captain A. Burke
(31 Knot Burke)
"Little Beaver Squadron"
Squadron Commodore

Captain R.A. Gano
USS Dyson

Dec. 1942 - Mar. 1944


Captain L. E. Ruff
USS Dyson

Mar. 1944 - Aug. 1945


Captain V. P. Healey

USS Dyson

Aug. 1945 - Jun. 1946


LT. W. J. Murray

USS Dyson

Dec. 1942 - Dec. 1945

Donald Verduin GM3C

USS Dyson

Sept. 1944 - Apr. 1946




This site is dedicated to my father, Donald Verduin,

and all those who served aboard this Ship during

World War Two and to all of their descendants.



USS DYSON DD-572 Mare Island 9-30-1944


USS Dyson DD-572
Mare Island Naval Base

San Francisco
September 30, 1944

The ship is painted in camouflage Measure 31, Design 16d


The USS Dyson was a part of the greatest naval force in history. She fought long and hard, steady and courageously in the

war against Japan. This website will show the reason for the greatness of the Dyson; the men who were her soul.

To Them this website is dedicated.

"Little Beaver Squadron"

Destroyer Squadron 23


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